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5 reasons how living in Cyprus can improve your way of living!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to retire to, or you’d simply like to enjoy a better life, Cyprus is the ideal place to be. Learn why in our article!

There’s something rather magical about Cyprus, with it’s unique location at the crossroads of three continents, it’s rich history and its fascinating place at the heart of mythology. It is no wonder that the allure of Cyprus brings people from all over the globe to its shores, some for a holiday, and others to make Cyprus their permanent home. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to retire to, or you’d simply like to enjoy a better life overseas, here are 5 great reasons why Cyprus is an ideal location to discover a whole new and improved way of living…

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1) The perfect location and the rich history

Being close to three continents, transportation links to Cyprus are incredibly good, no matter where in the world you want to travel to and from. This is great for business travellers and tourists alike. Cyprus is an easy destination to settle into as nearly everyone speak fluent English, and you’ll also find Russian, French and German spoken here. For those who choose Cyprus as their home, there’s a chance to delve deeper into the history of the island and spend more time exploring the historical and archaeological sites than is possible when one visits as a tourist.

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2) The wonderful climate 

With year round sunshine, and a wealth of beautiful beaches, you can certainly expect to feel brighter and more positive than when you live in a climate that is dark, dull and cold for much of year. The weather also gives you opportunity to spend more time outdoors, so it’s the perfect climate for anyone who loves outdoor sports and activities.

3) The beautiful and varied scenery

Cyprus is so beautiful, when you live here, you can take time exploring the hiking trails, the beautiful parks and the magnificent Troodos mountains. There are so many breathtaking panoramic views, getting out on a bike or taking a hike is a great way to improve your health and see some awe-inspiring sights at the same time.

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4) The slower pace of life and the delicious unique cuisine

There’s no need to rush about when you live in Cyprus, we all take life just a little bit easier here! Leave the hectic lifestyle behind and embrace a new pace of life, where you take time to appreciate the detail, to relax, and to enjoy time spent with friends and family. Gathering to enjoy the unique Cypriot cuisineMediterranean dishes with a distinctive Middle Eastern influence, is one of the great pleasures of living in Cyprus, and one that should never be rushed!

5) The more affordable cost of living

You’ll find that most items you buy in Cyprus cost less than in other parts of Europe. So your money will go further and your cost of living will fall. It has been calculated that living in Cyprus is 25% less expensive than the European average cost of living. That’s quite a saving!

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