The Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR) program offers non-EU individuals a permanent visa for entering, staying and living for lifetime in Cyprus within 2 months, with a minimum real estate investment of €300,000 + VAT. The process is fast and easy and it covers all dependant children up to 25 years old, both parents and spouse of the applicant.

Permanent Residency Visa is for Lifetime
Benefits of Cyprus Permanent Residency Program
  • Benefits apply to the entire family (children up to 25 years old, spouse and parents).
  • Applicants that obtain the PR have the right (under conditions) to apply for a Cypriot Passport within 7 years, provided that they stayed in the island for a total of 5 years.
  • Enables you to travel through Europe with ease.
  • Cyprus offer the lowest personal and corporate tax rates in the EU, and double tax treaties with almost 60 countries.
  • Reduced 5% VAT.
  • Cyprus has the lowest criminal rate in Europe.
  • Children gained PR visa don’t lose it when they become 25 years old nor when they get married.
  • Applicants that obtain the PR are entitled to apply for a Schengen Visa through any Schengen European Embassy.
  • There is no need to pay all the money from the beginning and the property does not have to be completed before getting the Permanent Residency.
  • Advantageous for the permit holder to establish a company or business of his/her own.
  • High standard educational Institutions and healthcare facilities.

Permanent Residency Requirements

  • Minimum investment of €300,000 + VAT in residential or other new-built property in Cyprus.

  • Source of funds must derive from abroad. 

  • The applicant must show income of at least €30,000/year. This income to be increased by €5,000 per dependant (spouse and children) and €8,000 for each parent/parent in law.

  • At least 200,000 Euro (not including VAT) should be paid to the Vendor in order to apply for Permanent Residency.

  • The residence permit holder must visit Cyprus at least once every two years, if not a residing in Cyprus already.

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