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Cyprus is the ideal destination for holidays. The weather, is optimal for excursions, explorations, and relaxation.

Cyprus is the ideal destination for holidays. It is also the best place either to relocate or for working remotely. The island has comfortable temperatures almost all year round due to its fantastic Mediterranean climate that involves mild and warm winters with long and dry summers. The weather, therefore, is optimal for excursionsexplorations, and relaxation. Paphos, located along the south-western cost of Cyprus, is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit or live in for an array of reasons: from the most amazing beaches and significant archaeological sites, to traditional and modern wineries and quaint charming villages. These are supplemented by the most wonderful nature trails for admiring the unique Cyprus fauna and flora over stunning and breathtaking views. The city itself, especially the old part of the town, is quite interesting to stroll around, enjoy some coffee or have a delicious meal at one of the many cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Cyprus is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, hence, it is often referred to as Aphrodite’s island. Due to this, there are many monuments dedicated to the goddess, which are definitely worth visiting. One of the most noteworthy archeological sites is the Temple of Aphrodite, in Kouklia, which includes impressive mosaics of outstanding quality such as the ones of Leda and the Swan. For nature lovers, the Stavros tis Psokas, is the best place to see Cyprus’ largest endemic mammal, the endangered mouflon, also known as Agrino or Cyprus Mountain Goat, which is a wild sheep that originates from Corsica and Sardinia. Currently, there are only 3000 mouflons in Cyprus and are usually seen on cliffs which they enjoy climbing.  What is particularly interesting with regard to this species is its horns that have the shape of sickles and are approximately 60 cm long.

The Akamas Peninsula National Park is a must-visit-destination with the most scenic and picturesque routes of the island along with impressive view of the turquoise waters and green landscape. The area has a coverage of 230 square kilometres and there you can orchestrate many different activities. The Blue Lagoon has the most impressive crystal-clear waters while the best way to visit it is by boat that can be easily rented at Latchi Harbour, in Polis Chrysochou, at the entrance of Akamas. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear as the sea caves and underwater environment is definitely worth exploring. If you are looking for a golden sandy beach, Lara Beach is the ideal location with some of the clearest and cleanest waters in the island. You might get the chance to see the endangered Green and Hawk’s Bill turtles which tend to lay their eggs there. What’s more, for avid hikers, Akamas has the most impressive nature trails that offer breathtaking scenery, unspoilt views, and noteworthy ecology, such as the Adonis trail, the Agiasma trail, the Aprodite trail, and the Smigies trail.  

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On the edge of the Akamas Peninsula, there’s a lovely small grotto, the Baths of Aphrodite, which is of great mythological significance, as, according to Greek mythology, it’s the place where the goddess Aphrodite met her lover Adonis. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed but the waters are supposed to have great rejuvenating effects.  Nonetheless, you can relax in the tranquil atmosphere and pristine surroundings of this pretty cave. If you are looking for a more adventurous hike, then, the impressive Avakas Gorge should be included in your bucket list.  Although the hike is not very long, just 2.5 km, it is truly memorable due to the stunning natural rock formation of the gorge, created by a stream running through limestone. What’s more, you can enjoy the Cypriot flora and fauna, such as beautiful endemic flowers, rare plants, reptiles and, if you are lucky, an agrino!

Cyprus is famous for its rich wine history which goes long back in time, approximately 6,000 years. Cyprus takes pride in its exquisite local wine varieties while Paphos includes some the most well-known wineries of the island. Most wineries also include their own restaurant or traditional taverna at their premises so that your culinary experience is complete! Paphos region produces some of the most elegant wines of the island with white wines that have the taste and aromas of peaches, green apples, and apricots and, for red wine lovers, an amazing Maratheftiko, from some of the best Cyprus native grapes. Your wine tasting can be combined with a visit to some lovely little wine-villages such as IneiaPano Arodes, and Kathikas. No matter where you decide to go, the captivating and serene countryside will not leave you disappointed.

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Alternatively, you can simply stroll around the Old Town of Paphos, which has an amazing market where local villagers sell their homegrown produce that include bananas, avocados, aromatic herbs. When in the old town, you can also visit one of the many museumshistoric and religious monuments as well as traditional shops that sell high quality products including leather shoes, jewelry and local artwork. For relaxing, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can try both local and international cuisine. Of course, in the evening, the city turns its lights on so be prepared for a vibrant night out in some of the island’s most impressive and unique bars. 

You’ll definitely adore what Cyprus has to offer, particularly the Paphos area which combines adventurous activities with laid back and relaxing moments. However, the property you choose is also of vital importance for your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for the perfect holiday home or a permanent residenceDomenica Group has a reputation for expertise in providing high quality and luxury developments. Combined with the prime location that the company always chooses for its projects, rest assured that you will find exactly what you are looking for, and perhaps even more!

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