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The demand for high-quality residential properties in Pafos is skyrocketing, and Domenica Group is at the forefront of meeting this rising need. As one of the most esteemed real estate developers in the region, we boast a track record of excellence, reliability, and a consistent delivery of top-notch projects. Our latest accomplishment, Agora Residences, sets yet another significant milestone, solidifying our reputation for innovation and dynamism.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Agora Residences is a captivating apartment complex featuring a communal swimming pool—a perfect choice for both homeowners and investors seeking exceptional rental returns. Situated within walking distance of all the conveniences Pafos has to offer, this ideally located complex is just 2 km away from the mesmerising sea and a mere 3-minute stroll from the city center.

Every apartment in Agora Residences boasts panoramic sea views, while the interiors exude a sense of spaciousness and luxury. Ranging from 1, 2, to 3 bedrooms, each residence showcases ample wardrobe space, crafted with enduring materials that stand the test of time. The elegant combination of parquet and marble floors further elevates the ambiance, reflecting timeless sophistication.

With a modern design characterised by clean lines and premium materials, the building radiates a contemporary charm. The light-filled apartments with expansive windows create a harmonious blend of comfort and natural luminosity. Having completed the project in 2020, we proudly announce that all units have been sold—an unequivocal testament to the overwhelming demand for modern, comfortable, and exquisitely designed apartments in Pafos.

At Domenica Group, we place utmost importance on sustainability, and Agora Residences epitomises our commitment. The building features state-of-the-art energy efficiency measures, including solar panels that supply hot water to all apartments. Meticulous insulation design ensures minimal energy loss, reducing the project’s overall carbon footprint and reinforcing our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability has earned us a devoted customer base that trusts Domenica Group to deliver projects of exceptional caliber at competitive prices. Join us in shaping the future of Pafos real estate, where innovative design, reliability, and a deep respect for our environment converge to create truly remarkable living spaces.

Discover Agora Residences and experience the pinnacle of contemporary living in Pafos. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards owning a piece of paradise.

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