If you’re visiting Cyprus over the Christmas festivities then you’re in for a real treat. Learn more!

Christmas in Cyprus is a wonderful time that everyone truly embraces. There are many traditions related to the festive season that live on to this day, with some tasty treats, fun things to do, and a sprinkle of magic! If you’re visiting Cyprus over the Christmas festivities then you’re in for a real treat. Be sure to join in with some of the traditional Cypriot festive customs

See if you get lucky with a slice of Vasilopitta 

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Vasilopitta is a cake with a hidden secret. Not only is it delicious, but hidden within the cake is a coin. If you’re the lucky person to find the coin in your slice of cake, it is said that for the whole of the next year you’ll experience good luck! But even if you don’t find the coin, you’re still lucky as you get to eat a slice of one of the most tasty cakes in Cyprus.

Sing along with Kalanda 

Kalanda are ancient Christmas songs dating back to ancient Byzantine times. In Cyprus children will go from house to house singing kalanda in return for gifts of sweets or money. You’ll also find groups singing kalanda in the towns and villages, so be sure to take time to enjoy their renditions, or even join in.

Enjoy delicious Kourabiedes and Melomakarona  

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It’s just not Christmas in Cyprus without these two divine sweet treats. Melomakarona are festive biscuits that are soaked in honey making them wonderfully gooey and sweet and kourabiedes are a type of shortbread biscuit, often flavoured with rose water, with a layer of caramelised icing sugar on top.

Dealing with Kalikantzari 

Some Christmas traditions are a little more troublesome than others, and so here’s your word of warning. When you spend Christmas in Cyprus you need to keep a good eye out for Kalikantzari, the very naughty Christmas goblin. As soon as you turn your back, he may be up to no good causing trouble in your home! The only way to ensure he doesn’t wreak havoc in your house is to bake a batch of Kserotiana cakes and throw them on your roof. Once Kalikanzari has had his fill, he’ll be off to cause trouble somewhere else.

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Take a magical walk in the Troodos mountains 

Head up to the snow-capped peaks of the Troodos mountains and you’re instantly transported to a magical winter wonderland. Who says a summer sun holiday destination can’t be a wondrous snowy Christmas location too? Certainly not us! The local villages in the area are also beautiful at this time of year, so take your time to explore and discover some of the less touristic parts of this fascinating country.

Have a wonderful Christmas time 

Whatever your Christmas plans are, we hope you have a fantastic time this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 

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