When you’re next in Cyprus during the winter, you should definitely experience some of these Cypriot soups.

There’s nothing more comforting in winter than a hearty, nourishing bowl of soup. While Cyprus does have year round sunshine, in the cooler winter months, a delicious bowl of soup is certainly going to hit the spot, particularly if you take a trip up into the snow-capped Troodos mountains.

Cyprus has many unique, traditional recipes that are a delight to savour, and this includes a wide selection of soup dishes. Some are made particularly for special feast days, others are a traditional mainstay for fishermen, and they’re all truly delicious! When you’re next in Cyprus during the winter, you should definitely experience some of these Cypriot soups.

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Gardiosupa Seafood Soup 

If you love seafood, then you’ll adore Gardiosupa seafood soup, and it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself. However, you’ll find this dish served up at many restaurants in Cyprus, so why not enjoy a dish on the seafront while soaking up a beautiful view? Made with prawns and vegetables, Gardiosupa may also be made to a creamed consistency by blending the soup before the prawns are added.

Trahana Soup 

Trahana is a creamy soup made from goat’s cheese, chicken broth, wheat groats and lemon juice. Its preparation method is quite unusual as it is made solid, and then prepared with boiling water when needed. Trahana is usually served with yoghurt and grated Halloumi cheese.

Fakes Soup 

For a truly hearty dish, Fakes soup is a sure fire winner. Made with lentils, potato and vegetables, it’s a thick and nourishing soup, and with the addition of garlic and bacon, it’s also packed full of flavour.

Chickpea Soup 

Being at the crossroads of the continents, the cuisine of Cyprus has been influenced widely, and the Cypriot chickpea soup certainly has a Middle Eastern flavour. Popularly eaten during Lent, it’s a nutritious soup that’s perfect for vegetarians. Made with chickpeas, tahini paste, wheat bread and garlic, it’s a substantial soup that’s a true meal in itself.

Avgolemono Soup 

This rich and creamy soup is made with chicken broth, egg yolks and rice. It’s a filling dish, perfect if you’re feeling particularly hungry. Avgolemono is sometimes also used as a sauce to accompany dishes such as pork or vegetables, so it’s particularly versatile, however, when in Cyprus, you’ll generally find it served up as a stand-alone dish.

Kakavia Soup

Originating from Greece, Kakavia is originally a fisherman’s soup. As with many imported dishes, the Cypriots have put their own spin on the traditional Kakavia soup by adding spices, onions and tomatoes to the basic recipe of fish and broth.

Hortosupa Soup 

If you’re looking for a healthy soup, that also packs a flavour punch, then opt for Hortosupa soup. Full of fresh local vegetables, with a little rice, tomatoes, potatoes and meat or chicken broth, it’s a simple soup that is just perfect on a winter’s day.

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