Your relaxation oasis. Discover OAK Gardens by Domenica Group

Presenting Oak Gardens. The very latest prestigious Domenica Group development project. Discover a world of luxury in a lush & tranquil area of rural Chloraka.

We are proud to present the very latest Domenica Group development projectOak Gardens. These outstanding properties are ideal for permanent residence, as a holiday home, or for an investment for the short term rental market. Whatever your plans and dreams, Oak Garden could be just what you’ve been looking for, and more.

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An ideal location

Location wise, the properties are very well situated. The development of 20 two and three bedroom maisonettes sits in a lush and tranquil area of rural Chloraka. You’ll enjoy peace and quiet, free from traffic and hustle and bustle, overlooking landscaped gardens. Yet there’s no worry about being too remote as you’re within easy access of all the amenities you could need. Just a short walk from the properties and you’ll find yourself in the quaint village of Chloraka which has a wide range of facilities and amenities. You’re also just a five minute drive away from Pafos Town which has so much to offer with amazing restaurants, fascinating historic sites and gorgeous beaches. The blue flag beach of Coral Bay is also just five minutes away so you’ll always be close to the sea when you want to spend the day sunbathing, enjoying water sports, or just splashing about having fun with the kids. There’s also a lovely beach located just a five minute walk from the property, making these ideal homes for anyone who loves to be close to the sea.

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Stunning luxury properties 

These luxurious maisonettes have been designed to provide you with everything you need, with high quality design and great attention to detail every step of the way, so you’ll certainly want to spend plenty of time simply enjoying your property. There’s a large communal pool, at 16 x 7 meters it’s perfect for exercise, and spacious enough to never feel crowded. There’s also a 4 x 7 kids pool for the little ones, all this set within beautifully lush landscaped gardens. An idyllic paradise of relaxation.

With a stylish and modern design, each maisonette has been built using the highest quality materials, and you have a variety of options for finishes so you can ensure your property perfectly suits your own unique tastes.

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A fantastic short term rental opportunity

Its prime location, 5 minute drive to the blue flag beach of Coral Bay and City Center, walking distance from the sea and restaurants as well as all necessary amenities is what makes this development stand out to investors.

Add to all the above the projects lobby area, large pools and spacious communal grounds its easy to understand the ROI potential this project has in a potential short term business environment.

Despite restrictions imposed due to Covid 19, the short term rental market is booming in Paphos and in Chloraka in particular, so this is the perfect time to step into the rental business or increase your property rental portfolio.

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A developer you can put your trust in

Buying a property can be a big step and it may feel a little daunting. When you invest in a property from Domenica Group, you can rely on our over 60 years of experience, and our promise to help you every step of the way. We’re always available to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d like to book a viewing, do let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a guided tour, either in person, or via a virtual tour. We look forward to helping you on your journey to finding your dream home.


Celebrating Christmas in Cyprus: Customs and Traditions

If you’re visiting Cyprus over the Christmas festivities then you’re in for a real treat. Learn more!

Christmas in Cyprus is a wonderful time that everyone truly embraces. There are many traditions related to the festive season that live on to this day, with some tasty treats, fun things to do, and a sprinkle of magic! If you’re visiting Cyprus over the Christmas festivities then you’re in for a real treat. Be sure to join in with some of the traditional Cypriot festive customs

See if you get lucky with a slice of Vasilopitta 

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Vasilopitta is a cake with a hidden secret. Not only is it delicious, but hidden within the cake is a coin. If you’re the lucky person to find the coin in your slice of cake, it is said that for the whole of the next year you’ll experience good luck! But even if you don’t find the coin, you’re still lucky as you get to eat a slice of one of the most tasty cakes in Cyprus.

Sing along with Kalanda 

Kalanda are ancient Christmas songs dating back to ancient Byzantine times. In Cyprus children will go from house to house singing kalanda in return for gifts of sweets or money. You’ll also find groups singing kalanda in the towns and villages, so be sure to take time to enjoy their renditions, or even join in.

Enjoy delicious Kourabiedes and Melomakarona  

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It’s just not Christmas in Cyprus without these two divine sweet treats. Melomakarona are festive biscuits that are soaked in honey making them wonderfully gooey and sweet and kourabiedes are a type of shortbread biscuit, often flavoured with rose water, with a layer of caramelised icing sugar on top.

Dealing with Kalikantzari 

Some Christmas traditions are a little more troublesome than others, and so here’s your word of warning. When you spend Christmas in Cyprus you need to keep a good eye out for Kalikantzari, the very naughty Christmas goblin. As soon as you turn your back, he may be up to no good causing trouble in your home! The only way to ensure he doesn’t wreak havoc in your house is to bake a batch of Kserotiana cakes and throw them on your roof. Once Kalikanzari has had his fill, he’ll be off to cause trouble somewhere else.

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Take a magical walk in the Troodos mountains 

Head up to the snow-capped peaks of the Troodos mountains and you’re instantly transported to a magical winter wonderland. Who says a summer sun holiday destination can’t be a wondrous snowy Christmas location too? Certainly not us! The local villages in the area are also beautiful at this time of year, so take your time to explore and discover some of the less touristic parts of this fascinating country.

Have a wonderful Christmas time 

Whatever your Christmas plans are, we hope you have a fantastic time this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 


Domenica Group: Meet our vision and mission

We believe it is our dedication to high quality construction standards that has led us to be one of the most successful development companies in Cyprus.

Domenica Group was founded in 1961. Since then, as a business we have grown substantially, and while much has changed, our vision and mission has always remained the same. We believe it is our dedication to high quality construction standards, teamed with the very best customer service, that has led us to be one of the most successful and well regarded development companies in Cyprus.

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Wide ranging experience brings valuable knowledge

Over the decades we have worked on a huge number of projects covering a very wide range of sectors. From schools and road works, to residential properties, we’ve successfully developed projects for banks, municipalities and even the Ministry of Defence. While executing every single project with the utmost careattention to detail and strict adherence to the most stringent regulations and quality control criteria, we’ve built up a knowledge base that’s truly invaluable. A knowledge that has filtered down through the decades, to every member of our team, to ensure every development we take on goes smoothly and finishes with the very best results possible. In short, our experience ensures all our clients are happy, and that of course, is also a huge part of our mission.

Our property developments represent great value for money

Moving on from our more humble beginnings, we are now one of the largest property developers in Pafos with a team of more than 480 employees and a large portfolio of properties available. All our properties, from compact apartmentsto large luxury villas, are all built to the very highest standards, and yet offer incredibly good value for money. How do we do this, while still using the very best materials and highly skilled workers on all our building projects? All Domenica Group property developments are self-financed. This means we don’t have the added burden of taking on external finance to fund our projects, and so it enables us to pass savings on to our customers, and to offer a wide range of payment options.

Our vision continues into the future

So while our business will grow and develop in new and exciting ways, our key vision of maintaining high standards both in the building of our developments, and in our customer service, is certainly here to stay. From your initial enquiry with our sales team, right through to the ongoing care you’ll receive from our after sales department, you can be sure our experts are here to guide you, advise you, and help you along your journey to property ownership and beyond. Visit our website to discover all the properties currently available, and choose the home of your dreams.


November calls for soup: Cypriot soups you must try this winter

When you’re next in Cyprus during the winter, you should definitely experience some of these Cypriot soups.

There’s nothing more comforting in winter than a hearty, nourishing bowl of soup. While Cyprus does have year round sunshine, in the cooler winter months, a delicious bowl of soup is certainly going to hit the spot, particularly if you take a trip up into the snow-capped Troodos mountains.

Cyprus has many unique, traditional recipes that are a delight to savour, and this includes a wide selection of soup dishes. Some are made particularly for special feast days, others are a traditional mainstay for fishermen, and they’re all truly delicious! When you’re next in Cyprus during the winter, you should definitely experience some of these Cypriot soups.

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Gardiosupa Seafood Soup 

If you love seafood, then you’ll adore Gardiosupa seafood soup, and it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself. However, you’ll find this dish served up at many restaurants in Cyprus, so why not enjoy a dish on the seafront while soaking up a beautiful view? Made with prawns and vegetables, Gardiosupa may also be made to a creamed consistency by blending the soup before the prawns are added.

Trahana Soup 

Trahana is a creamy soup made from goat’s cheese, chicken broth, wheat groats and lemon juice. Its preparation method is quite unusual as it is made solid, and then prepared with boiling water when needed. Trahana is usually served with yoghurt and grated Halloumi cheese.

Fakes Soup 

For a truly hearty dish, Fakes soup is a sure fire winner. Made with lentils, potato and vegetables, it’s a thick and nourishing soup, and with the addition of garlic and bacon, it’s also packed full of flavour.

Chickpea Soup 

Being at the crossroads of the continents, the cuisine of Cyprus has been influenced widely, and the Cypriot chickpea soup certainly has a Middle Eastern flavour. Popularly eaten during Lent, it’s a nutritious soup that’s perfect for vegetarians. Made with chickpeas, tahini paste, wheat bread and garlic, it’s a substantial soup that’s a true meal in itself.

Avgolemono Soup 

This rich and creamy soup is made with chicken broth, egg yolks and rice. It’s a filling dish, perfect if you’re feeling particularly hungry. Avgolemono is sometimes also used as a sauce to accompany dishes such as pork or vegetables, so it’s particularly versatile, however, when in Cyprus, you’ll generally find it served up as a stand-alone dish.

Kakavia Soup

Originating from Greece, Kakavia is originally a fisherman’s soup. As with many imported dishes, the Cypriots have put their own spin on the traditional Kakavia soup by adding spices, onions and tomatoes to the basic recipe of fish and broth.

Hortosupa Soup 

If you’re looking for a healthy soup, that also packs a flavour punch, then opt for Hortosupa soup. Full of fresh local vegetables, with a little rice, tomatoes, potatoes and meat or chicken broth, it’s a simple soup that is just perfect on a winter’s day.


Discover the beauty of Paphos in Autumn

A trip to Paphos in the autumn is particularly special as the autumn colours swathe the area and add an extra dimension to those gorgeous panoramic views.


Paphos is such a beautiful area, it’s stunning at any time of year. The scenery is eternally breathtaking and with each season you can appreciate new scenes and views. While most visitors head to Paphos in the summer months, in the traditional tourist season, with Paphos enjoying year-round sunshine and pleasant temperatures, it’s also a destination you can visit all year round. A trip to Paphos in the autumn is particularly special as the autumn colours swathe the area and add an extra dimension to those gorgeous panoramic views. In addition, while it’s still warm enough for a dip in the sea, the scorching temperatures of the summer months are gone and so getting out and about on foot or by bicycle is much more pleasant. Autumn is the perfect season for fully exploring all that Paphos has to offer and getting in tune with the autumnal vibe. Here are some great ideas for amazing things to do in the Paphos area in autumn…

Hiking in the Avakas Gorge

The temperatures in autumn are ideal for hiking, and the Avakas Gorge is a hike with a difference. Created over thousands of years, by a stream running through limestone, this natural feature is out of this world. On the hour-long hike, you’ll discover fascinating rock formations, wildlife and rare plants.

Exploring the wine villages of Paphos

Paphos is famed for its vineyards, and several quaint villages are linked to wine production in Paphos. Each village is unique and all are well worth visiting. Explore the traditional streetsvisit ancient churches, and of course, sample the local wine and delicacies. Noteworthy wine destinations with quaint wineries include the villages of Lemona, Statos – Agios Fotios, Kathikas and Stroumpi.

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Discovering fascinating archaeological sites

Paphos is a wonderful destination for anyone with an interest in history or archaeology. Cyprus has a fascinating history, and evidence of this has been preserved in several sites that you can visit. In the autumn months, you’ll get the very best experience as the crowd levels fall and you can take your time exploring sites such as the Tomb of the Kings and the Paphos medieval castle.

Visiting the old Paphos and soaking up the views

Of course, after all the hiking and exploring, you need to relax and unwind. We suggest a trip to the picturesque old part of the town. Take time to enjoy a leisurely meal at a local taverna with panoramic views that will take your breath away.

There’s so much more to Paphos

When you take time out to discover that there’s so much more to Paphos than its golden sand beaches, you fall in love with the area even more. With its rich history, and hidden gems, you could spend years in Paphos and always find something new to amaze and delight you. If you’d like to spend more time in Paphos, why not invest in a property here? We have a wide range of exclusive properties, from apartments to villas. Take a look at the properties section on our website, and drop us a line if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help you find your perfect home in this amazing UNESCO heritage town.


Universal Residences: A uniquely made project to please your needs

Built to a very high standard and an emphasis on energy saving and sustainability, the apartments are the perfect holiday home.

As a leading property developer in Cyprus, you can rest assured that all our development projects are constructed to the very highest of standards. With our years of experience, we bring you top class quality alongside the highest levels of customer service.

Many of our developments are located in the Paphos region, and that’s because we believe this area just has so much to offer, with its stunning golden sand beachesfantastic views and great amenities. It’s a wonderful place to spend your holidays and a brilliant place to live too.

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Let us introduce you to one of our Paphos developments, Universal Holiday Residences…

This stylish apartment development consists of 5 blocks, each with based on the latest reports by KPMG Cyprus one-to-three-bedroom apartments. Within the landscaped gardens you’ll find a wide range of communal facilities such as a swimming pool, pool bar, sauna, jacuzzi, changing rooms and a play area for the kids.

Built to a very high standard, with close attention to detail, and an emphasis on energy saving and sustainability, the apartments are the perfect holiday home, but they are also suitable for year-round living should you wish to make this your permanent residence.

An ideal holiday-home

While these luxurious apartments can be used all year round as your permanent home, perhaps they are ultimately suited to being the most perfect holiday property. With all the on-site amenities, you have a true holiday feel as you enjoy the pool, or evening drinks at the pool bar. The perfect place to relax, with everything you need right on hand. In fact, based on the latest reports by KPMG Cyprus, the Universal area of Paphos is the most popular area for short-term rentals on the island.

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An exceptional location

The properties are perfectly located, just 1km from the centre of Paphos. The beach is just a 7-minute walk away, and Paphos Mall 5 minutes away. You’re located close to Paphos harbour with its fascinating archaeological sites and medieval castle too. Travel just a little further and you’ll also find an amazing golf course.

All the amenities you could ever need are just a short stroll away from your apartment, with a supermarket, shops, cafes and restaurants right on your doorstep.  For holidaymakers arriving by plane, the airport is located 15km away with regular flights from many destinations and fantastic transport links available to get you to your holiday home with no hassle. If you choose to live at Universal Holiday Residences full time with your family, there’s a school just 1km away too.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the Universal Holiday Residences, visit our website for more details, and book a FREE consultation with one of our property experts who can answer any questions you may have.


The Eagle’s View: A prestigious and elite development in Paphos

Check out Eagle’s View, an exclusive new development with breath-taking sea and mountain views.

With over 60 years of experience, family-owned business Domenica Group is constantly innovating and creating amazing development projects in Cyprus. With a fantastic reputation built up over the years, a varied portfolio, and a superb level of customer service, you know you can put your trust in Domenica Group when you’re looking to invest in Cyprus.  

If you’re interested in luxury property in the Paphos area, then we urge you to check out Eagle’s View, an exclusive new development with breath-taking sea and mountain views in the highly sought-after area of Tala in Paphos. 

This unique development consists of just six two-storey villas, each situated in a large plot of land to ensure you have all the space and privacy you require. These stunning villas are impressive at first glance, with modern architectural lines, perfectly designed to make the very most of the spectacular panoramic views. Choose from 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2-4 bathrooms, your spacious villa also offers provision for air conditioning, central heating, and a roof garden.

The villas have been developed to the very highest standards, using locally sourced materials so the villas blend in with the natural environment of their surroundings.

Location-wise, it’s truly ideal. The villas are located in a quiet, peaceful area, yet you’re just 4 minutes from the centre of Tala, and 9 minutes from the centre of Paphos and the beach. If you’re looking for a holiday home, then you’ll be pleased to know that Eagle’s View is just 15km from the airport.

But if you’re looking for a permanent residence, these villas are certainly amazing homes to live in all year round. All the amenities you need are close at hand, with supermarkets and a school within easy reach. The Paphos area, and indeed all of Cyprus is very safe, with some of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe, so it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. With so much to see and do, Paphos is a fantastic location. There are of course the award-winning beaches and all they have to offer, but there’s plenty more besides with fascinating historic sites, wonderful hiking trails and great restaurants and nightlife, all close by.

Paphos has a great appeal for everyone. Young couples, families, and those looking for a sun-filled paradise location to retire to, Eagle’s View could certainly be the home of your dreams, in an idyllic location in beautiful Paphos.

To find out more about these six exquisite, prestigious villas, visit our website for all the details, or get in touch to register your interest. Any questions at all, then don’t hesitate to ask us.  



5 Must-do Activities for you and your Friends in Paphos

Looking for inspiration for things to do with your friends on your next trip to Paphos? Then read on…

Paphos is one of those fantastic destinations that has something for everyone. It’s ideal for families, wonderful for couples, but it’s perhaps best of all for groups of friends as there are just so many great activities to do together. It’s the ultimate location for fun, and to make some amazing memories. Looking for inspiration for things to do with your friends on your next trip to Paphos? Then read on… 

1 – Enjoy the Paphos nightlife 

night out in Paphos is a must when you’re on holiday with friends. There’s a wealth of bars and restaurants from traditional tavernas to salubrious cocktail bars. Take a seat at a waterfront bar to watch the sunset. Enjoy delicious Cypriot cuisine at one of the many fantastic restaurants, and if you simply don’t want the night to end, then you can dance into the morning at one of the many nightclubs

2 – Take a boat cruise to the Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon is a spectacular beach, but it can be tricky to get to by land. You could hire a 4×4 vehicle, but why not visit the Blue Lagoon in style on a boat cruise? You could choose a glass-bottomed boat with fascinating underwater views into the crystalclear waters, or opt for a Koulla boat, with a traditional Greek BBQ onboard. Sit back and relax in the sunshine, and enjoy the coastal views on your journey.  

3 – Have an Akamas Safari adventure  

The Akamas national park area is full of amazing sights and breathtaking views. There are some fantastic nature trails to explore as well as some of the most famous sites of Cypriot mythology such as the baths of Adonis and Aphrodite. It’s really fun to hire a beach buggy to explore the area or join an organised jeep safari tour.   

4 – Go hiking in the Avakas Gorge 

The Avakas Gorge is a truly fascinating place to visit. Created by a stream, wearing away the soft limestone over many thousands of years, the 3km gorge reaches heights of 30 meters in places. If you’re looking for an active challenge with your friends, then this will certainly be a memorable adventure for you all.  

5 – Camp out at Poli Chrysochous 

How about a night under the stars on your holiday in CyprusCamping at Poli Chrysochous is a magical experience where you can be at one with the natural world and the beauty of Cyprus. The tranquil surroundings give you time away from the lively tourist areas of Paphos, time to unwind and relax. It’s sure to be a highlight of any holiday on the island.  

So much to do, you’ll want to visit again and again 

Perhaps the only downside to visiting Cyprus, is that it’s simply impossible to do everything you want to in one visit! You shouldn’t rush in Cyprus though. It’s important to take it easy, stop to admire a view, relax by the pool and feel your troubles dissipate. Take your pick of our suggestions for great things to do, or discover your own adventures. All the wonders of Cyprus will still be here next time you visit if you still have some highlights on your to-do list that you want to tick off. Perhaps your friends would be keen to visit again too?  

Discover more about investing in property in Paphos 

Fallen in love with Paphos? Then why not think about investing in a stunning, modern, luxurious property in the area? A holiday home you can visit with your friends whenever you like, or it could even become your permanent home. To find out more, visit our website.  

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